800K Seeking Asylum

I read this heartbreaking story of people seeking to escape their own country for fear of death, kidnap, rape or worse. Germany has taken on hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers.  It’s issues like these that make my blood pump and my heart beat with compassion.

While reading I pondered what I can do to help.

I will be seeking an organization that I can get educated about and pour into to give assistance.  

Social justice is a rising concern in my heart as I get older.  I am particularly wanting to wipe out human trafficking and peonage.

More on this later.

Please stay tuned!


So I am on to new and better things.  I’ve left one unit and I am starting with a new one.  I’m at the on-post spa.  Why not? :)

I feel a little sad, but it’s okay.  I will be okay.  I’m simply missing the friends that I have made over the course of seven months serving with them.  And so, now I will make new friends and make greater progress than what I have already achieved.  I strongly believe that I am about to experience the best months and coming years of my Army career. I have a lot of strong emotion and reason to believe it to be true. I am going to do a lot for soldiers and civilians.

I will be a general of the Army.

For now, I’m trusting God for the next steps.  

*Deep breath*

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Worship Team and Goodbyes

Today’s church service was nice and the whole worship team and I were in such high spirit.  

Thank you Lord for gifts like today!


And I said goodbye to a friend and great leader today. SSG Patterson, you will be missed.