Code name: Bird and the Fish

Dear readers,

I have started writing a book on my relationship with Dana (check out her blog)–a relationship that has a timely message for this present generation to hear.  I debated whether or not I wanted to publish on this blog as I go.  I’ve decided to do so. I want to do it this way because I honestly don’t know what I’d do with a whole book a year from now.  Also, I just anticipate a growing anxiety about this particular story gathering no merit or worth housed on my hard drive.  I just kept getting this haunting feeling of if tree falls in a forest….yada yada yada…know what I mean? In a time such as this….  Do it.  Do it now!

Okay.  Keep an eye out for  Chapter 1 in about a month.



P.S.  I obviously have no title for this book.  It’ll reveal itself.

GDS Vlog 25 – Developing Focus

I am openly sharing in this video about how I started out as a soldier with no focus, and how I am refining that focus now.  This ended up spilling over into another video for later, due to the length of time I spent explaining my thinking back in 2010 when I enlisted.

An Important Note:

Taking the time to evaluate my past is very important to me, which is why I started this personal autobiographical documentary style project for myself.  This is what I do.  Observe, analyze, evaluate and try again.  It’s in my personality to do (INTP; Enneagram 5w4).  Examining my successes over the last four years as a soldier, as well as owning my failures, rethinking to eliminate myths and lies, and releasing my faults is what I am presently doing.  There is a lot that can be said negatively of my absence from my vlogging, but I am so happy to have returned to doing this that I already feel a deep satisfaction.  Soldier or not a soldier, expressiveness is what I do and I won’t stop.  So, should what I say as a soldier, both about my person and my army career helps you, then I am very happy about that.  If not, I am deeply sorry that what I have to offer in the way of raw open monologue is not what you’re seeking.  But I cannot do away with this approach.