Got a pleasant surprise at work today!  :)

A new and good friend gave this to me.  He gets LEGO sets in the mail regularly, and I wanted one.  So I was very happy when I saw it.  Plus it lifted my spirit because it’s been a long and challenging two weeks for the whole team, and not just myself.
God smiles through people and it’s so wonderful and surprising in a good way!


I’ll Run

When I am hurt, broken, alone and no matter the reason, I call upon your name and you run.

Your Spirit says to my spirit, “I will run to you in the hour of darkness.  Call my name and I will break forth like the new dawn, piercing the darkness within you.

I will supplant your heart with mine and renew a steadfast spirit.

I will run to your rescue.

I will be your refuge.

You are my child.

Nothing in existence can change my heart for you,” says the Lord.

We can never be separated Jesus.  Seal my heart and secure my mind with your passion.  I want all that you are in me.  Complete the work that you have started, as I abide in your truth.

Guard my life, oh Lord.  My life is in your hands.  I thank you all the days of my life because your love is extravagant.