As you can see, I rested for over eight hours. But as it also shows, I really had deep rejuvenating rest for just under three hours.

And so, I know why I felt foggy upon rising, and why I presently feel like going back to bed. I won’t go to sleep because it will make matters worse, I think. I’ll stick it out. Busy myself.

Cause? Coby and Reed–dogs by the way–kept walking in and out of my room all night. And Coby thinks that he is royalty, in how he jumps on my bed and sleeps at my feet.

No! It is not cute. What about my royal rest? Huh?



*Going to find something sweet to eat…if I really could without wrecking my diet.*

Sleepless Sleep

The Village Blacksmith

Under a spreading chestnut-tree

The village smithy stands;

The smith, a mighty man is he,

With large and sinewy hands;

And the muscles of his brawny arms

Are strong as iron bands.


His hair is crisp, and black, and long,

His face is like the tan;

His brow is wet with honest sweat,

He earns what’e’er he can,

And looks the whole world in the face,

For he owes not any man.

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Joy in the morning.
A wonderful thought.
A wonderful feeling.

Today we have our first cool morning sunrise of the autumn season in Florida, where trees and grass retain their green color for most of the fall season.

Although, the flowers do fade. Their pedals fall, and we do eventually see by January the skeletal and almost haunting preternatural mood of the trees with no plush color to clothe them. Halloween in January it seems.

Where I am going soon is beyond cool, but is cold.

For now, I will enjoy this wonderful morning.

Autumn Morning